Dry Cleaning FAQ’s and Information

Do you offer delivery service?

Yes, we offer delivery service to the following communities: Bloomington, Chanhassen, Deephaven, Eden Prarie, Edina, Excelsior, Golden Valley, Greenwood, Hamel, Hopkins, Independence, Long Lake,  Maple Grove, Maple Plain, Medina, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Minnetonka Beach, Minnetrista, Mound, Orono, Plymouth, Richfield, Spring Park, St. Louis Park, Victoria, Waconia, Wayzata,

Please see our Delivery Service Page for more details and a map.

Do you offer same day service?
Yes, we offer same day service for Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Shirts and some Household Items. Bring in your items before 10:00am and we will have them ready for you by 4:00pm. An additional surcharge will apply. Same day service is available Monday through Friday. No same day service available on Saturdays.
Where are you located?
We are located at 820 E Wayzata Blvd, Wayzata, MN 55391 Click here for map.
What are your hours?
Mon-Fri: 7:00AM-7:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED
Holiday Hours
What is dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is a method of removing stains and dirt from garments and fabric by using little or no water. Actually, dry cleaning is not “dry” as solvents, or liquids, are used to perform the cleaning, but with little water thus the term “dry”.

Dry cleaning machines are similar to washing machines in that a large tumbling basket is used to facilitate the cleaning process. Garments are placed in this basket which is partially filled with solvent and tumbled in a manner in which they drop through the solvent. This agitation and flushing action of the solvent are responsible for the majority of the cleaning.

Certain elements must be present in a dry cleaning system. These include a rotating wash cylinder, a tank for storing solvents for both light and dark colored garments, a pump to circulate the solvent, a dryer, filters, a distillation system to keep the solutions clear, and of course the solvent itself. Other components which may or not be found include vapor absorbers or refrigerated condenser for capturing solvent vapors, moisture injection system, computer or card controllers, and others.

The solvents most widely used are percloroethylene and hydrocarbon. The cleaning solution is comprised of approximately 98% pure solvent, 1% water, and 1% sizings and detergents. If impurities comprise any more than an additional 1% of the cleaning solution, the cleaning quality can be detrimentally affected by odor and dinginess.

Some of the more difficult stains are removed with the use of chemical agents, water, steam, air, and vacuum on what is called a “spotting board”. This technique is performed both before and after cleaning and the stains are removed individually.

Why do spots sometimes show up after dry cleaning that weren't visible before?
One of the dry cleaners worst enemies are “invisible stains” like spray from a grapefruit or apple, hair spray or perfume. It is normally these stains that a consumer sees on their freshly cleaned garments and exclaim “That wasn’t there when I gave it to you!”

What has happened is that these types of stains are not visible until affected by the heat associated with the drying cycle or pressing. With the application of heat, the sugar of the apple stain carmelized and the oil stains oxidized making them visible.

Dry cleaning in and of itself will not remove these stains and, depending on the material, some can be removed after they show up with the treatment of an expert technician. Some may never be removed.

If you know of any possible invisible stain conditions on a garment, please point them out to the dry cleaner that he may flush them out before the dry cleaning process sets the stain.

Should I clean my clothes before storing them?
Yes, the single most important precaution is to clean all your clothes before you put them away for the season. Even if they don’t appear to be dirty, cleaning your clothes and garments ensures the removal of hidden stains such as perspiration, body oils, beauty products and food spills.  Dry cleaning all woolens (animal based materials) before storing helps to prevent moth and beetle larva damage.
Can I leave my clothes in their plastic bag?
No, the plastic bags are meant for short term use only. Remove all plastic bags from your clothing before storing them for a period of time. By not allowing the fabric to breathe, these bags can trap heat and humidity and contribute to the oxidization of stains and general discoloration of fabrics.